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New Personal Art Website Launched

2012-07-21 17:50:16 by ArifRocks

For those people who've been following my artwork, I've launched my own illustration/portfolio site called 'Art By Arif'. There's high-res versions of all my artwork on there. Have fun and as always please feel free to drop some feedback. :)


New Personal Art Website Launched


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2012-07-21 18:04:00

Very slick looking but there are a few issues. The background color on the "ARTBYARIF" logo is slightly different to the box it sits in so that's a tad jarring. The thumbnails are replaced with "Don't Steal Bandwidth" images when i view the site on opera but work fine in firefox and chrome. What font did you use for the titles and buttons?

ArifRocks responds:

The logo box is meant to be darker than the the rest of the header. It was intentional. The font used throughout is helvetica neue.

And thank you so much for letting me know about the opera issue! I only have firefox and IE so I appreciate you testing it out on opera. I'll look definitely into that ASAP


2012-07-21 23:34:08

it seems far too dark and has very little descripton on the pics but other than that get someone to check for viruses and see how it works


2012-07-28 05:48:57

also you need to tone down the difficulty in your next sniper game