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For those people who've been following my artwork, I've launched my own illustration/portfolio site called 'Art By Arif'. There's high-res versions of all my artwork on there. Have fun and as always please feel free to drop some feedback. :)

New Personal Art Website Launched

Beautiful and Deadly!

2012-07-04 07:13:57 by ArifRocks

Just thought I'd share my latest illustration with you all. It's an experimental concept image of Anaksha dressed in a black backless dress. Nothing permanent though.

Please feel free to drop me some honest feedback.

A higher quality version can be found in the art portal: ksha-experimental-concept


- Arif

Beautiful and Deadly!

Read the announcement here:

Platform 2012 - UK Games Expo

2012-03-16 06:52:18 by ArifRocks

If any of you are in the UK why not come to Platform 2012 this weekend.
It's a huge gaming expo being held at Hull University over the course of two days.

The organisers have invited there to give a talk on writing dialogue for video games so it'll be a great chance to meet some fellow NG lovers.

I'll be there on both days so if you do decide to attend then I'll see you there. :)

- Arif

Anaksha Dark Angel Released

2011-12-11 06:43:11 by ArifRocks

After 3 years of hard work, it's finally out! You can play it here:

A New Threat - Released!

2011-11-05 06:12:12 by ArifRocks

The new epic mini-adventure game 'A New Threat' is now online! This full-sized adventure game sets the stage for Dark Angel and contains several random paths (which should give you a slightly different gaming experience each time you play with different puzzles, dialogue, etc). It also has an achievements system as well as a treasure hunt for hidden virgo symbols scattered all over the map.

Check it out here: A New Threat

Have fun and enjoy this awesome new release!

PS: With this out of the way, I may possibly release release the predecessor to this game known as 'Quick Stop' on NG.

Anaksha Dark Angel Complete!

2011-08-29 14:48:00 by ArifRocks

Yes, it's been almost 3 years since I started work on Dark Angel but today it's finally complete and it looks and feels awesome!

Read the full post here:

The game is currently going through the play testing phase. Once the play testers are satisfied, the game will be released. Will keep you all updated on a potential release date.

New Anaksha Website and Game

2011-06-06 05:59:01 by ArifRocks

Hey guys!

Just to let you all know I have a sparkly, shiny new website up at I've also added a new mini-adventure game there (OK it's just a short game intended to test out the new adventure game engine I've written but at least it's something to keep you all amused while I finish off my larger gaming projects :P ).

Anyway go check it out and feel free to drop me some feedback.

- Arif

Anaksha 2 Trailer

2011-03-29 06:59:34 by ArifRocks

I've just posted a trailer for Anaksha 2 on the front page of the main website (

Alternatively you can watch the full HD version with CD quality sound on Youtube which you can find here

No release date for the game but it shouldn't be long now.

Have fun watching it and as always please feel free to leave some honest feedback. Thanks!

EDIT: Apologies to those people who couldn't view the trailer on the main site. It was something to do with the hosting. It's been sorted now so you can go check it out.

Anaksha 2 Concept Art

2009-05-19 07:38:10 by ArifRocks

Thought you guys might wanna check out the Anaksha 2 concept art. As always your honest feedback is welcome! :)

You can find a larger, ,more clearer version here:

Update: Just a quick note - I know she's a teeny-tiny bit "chubby" around the waists, hips and thighs (and even her arms). This is just a concept image and the main focus is her face (which I'm very happy with). Her body will be slightly more refined for the actual in-game art, and I DO mean only VERY SLIGHTLY. One thing I've always hated is those skeletal, anorexic looking comic book women, which is something I want to avoid.

Second Update: Forget adjusting her waist! I think its just my eyes. I'm just tired that's all. She looks great as she is. I'll leave it at that. :)

Anaksha 2 Concept Art